Beata Szkop

Possessing a broad base of academic training and professional expertise in accounting, Beata Szkop serves as an accountant and account manager with Henderson Strategic Financial Insurance Services in Palo Alto, California. An active contributor to her field, Beata Szkop maintains affiliations with several professional organizations including the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Planning Association, and the National Association of Professional Women.

Beata Szkop began preparing for her career as a student at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. While earning her Associate of Arts, she made the Dean’s list several times, was a devoted Vice President of Alpha Gamma Sigma and Circle K International, and was named a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Following graduation, Ms. Szkop gained acceptance to California State University, East Bay, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. Currently, she is studying to complete a Financial Planning Certificate with the University of California Berkeley Extension.

Peter: my very own cat shaped table.


Peter: my very own cat shaped table.

What lies beneathAfter the discovery of King Richard III’s remains this week, the CBC’s Rob Gordon learns the stories of those buried underneath Halifax’s oldest churches

What lies beneath

After the discovery of King Richard III’s remains this week, the CBC’s Rob Gordon learns the stories of those buried underneath Halifax’s oldest churches


Please help me circulate this journal through all social medias - it could save my corgis legs.

Today I found out that my corgi is suffering from one (maybe many) ruptured disks in his spine. This is very common in Corgi’s and other long bodied dogs… but I never expected it to happen to him.

Three days ago he jumped from my bed and cried a lot when he landed. The days after that he would not let me touch his back or belly, he trembled as bad as a seizure would look, and cried in a way that broke my heart. This morning at 5AM I decided that he had to be taken to the emergency room. 
It didn’t take long for the doctor to come out and let me know that he was in a lot of pain and the only thing that would fix it was a  $3,500 surgery. I have called all over town, I’ve called the veterinary school two hours away from here, I’ve tried CareCredit for payment plans…. no vet seems to be able to work with me as far as a long term payment.
The worst part is that I’ve got an appointment at a low cost vet… a month from now. He has degraded so terribly from 6AM to 3PM but I’m afraid he will be paralysed by tomorrow. Before he could walk just fine, dragged his feet only a little, now he’s so much more wobbly and unstable.
This is not just my dog, this is my child. Momo has been my heart and soul for the last five years and it tears me to shreds that I can’t do anything to help him when he needs it most. Pain killers have helped him relax just a bit but he won’t rest like he is supposed to. He walks back and forth in his kennel, stressing his back more.
I cannot afford this surgery for my boy. A dog who has brought me up from so many dark places, no matter how badly I wanted to disappear. He has always smiled at me, kissed me, always been happy to see me, shook his whole body with happiness no matter what situation was going on around him. Even with his sore back, he wants to comfort me as I cry.
I’m not the type to ask for hand outs but this is my child. Any donation you make goes straight to his existing emergency visit and toward his back surgery.
Thanks for taking the time to even just circulate and read this.
Paypal -
So far you lovely folks have raised $250/$3,500 for my little guy. I rarely use the word blessed… but goodness I really must be. Thank you all! Let’s keep this post circulating!